How to Stop Overeating

OvereatingTo stop overeating you need to take control rather than going with the flow. You either control your mind or your mind controls you! You have a choice to stop overeating. The biggest mistake you can make is not making the decision to not overeat before you plan on eating. A good example of this is when you go out for a meal. Most over eaters make a decision on the spot when the dessert menu arrives for example. When you make a decision on the spot you can be easily influenced by the waiter and your friends. The waiter will be keen for you to order so they get a bigger tip and your friends will want you do have dessert as well so they feel less guilty when they have there’s.

You must make the decision before you go out to eat. Decide before you go whether you are going to have a small dessert or no dessert at all. By making the decision before you go, you won’t be persuaded by your indecision on deciding when the desert menu comes round. Your friends and the waiter will see your firm decision and will know that you have made up your mind and they are onto a losing battle trying to change your mind.

How Can I Stop Overeating

Here are a few more tips on how to stop overeating. Take your time when eating. Your brain does not immediately acknowledge that your stomach is full. It normally takes around 20 minutes or so for your brain to register that you are full. Slow down and enjoy every bite. If you’re eating with friends, enjoy conversation whilst you eat. This will slow down the time it takes you to eat your meal. Try not to watch television whilst you eat because you can get too engrossed in the program that you eat a lot quicker without realizing it. If you are watching television whilst eating, make the decision to make your meal last the length of the program. If the TV show is on for 30 minutes, try to make the meal last for most of the show. Drink plenty of water before eating also. Water helps suppress your appetite and also helps with the digestion process.

It will take a little bit of time to incorporate these habits into your routine but when you do they will become your new habits and you will do them without having to consciously think about it.