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Strip Fat Build Muscle was set-up to provide help and guidance on losing weight, flattening your tummy, building muscle and healthy nutrition. Whatever your health & fitness goals are we will show you how to get there. Age is no barrier. It’s never too late to have the body you’ve always wanted!

Nick Jarvis

I’ve spent just over 10 years working at the Days Of Grace Gym. In that time I’ve been able to work with many people helping them to improve their physique. I have been involved in football, boxing and karate over the years. This has given me a better understanding of how to improve cardiovascular health. I have also studied some of the top natural body builders to gain an understanding on how to gain lean muscle. One of my hobbies is to study the mind. I have spent endless hours learning how the mind plays a huge role in our physique goals. I hope to share my findings through this site.

You will learn what works, what to avoid and the real secrets to getting and maintaining your perfect body. We will look at training techniques, nutrition, mind set and many more key factors.

Nick Jarvis Gym

If you have any questions, please go to the contact page or post a comment. I would love to hear from you and your progress.

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Nick Jarvis